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Our Story

The Early Years 

In the heart of Chicago’s Humboldt Park neighborhood, a tradition of excellence in real estate began. Wojciech “James” Cioromski established Troy Realty Ltd. on the corner of Troy and North Avenues in 1960. The foundation was laid with a strong community focus, and the brokerage quickly flourished, positively impacting the lives of families and businesses and nurturing a legacy for future generations. 

The Next Generation 

A significant chapter unfolded in 1982 when James’ son, Hubert, joined the family business. The transition was a profound mixture of tradition and new energy. “My dad said, ‘Here’s a phone, here’s a desk, go to work,’” Hubert recalls. With this simple yet powerful induction, Hubert spearheaded a journey marked by determination, innovation, and an enhanced vision that went beyond the existing realms of Troy Realty. 

Black And White Picture Of Chicago Street, Usa.

Our Differentiator 

Hubert elucidates the distinct identity of Troy Realty with clarity and pride. “I describe Troy as an in-fill brokerage firm,” he shares. This philosophy underscores our approach – deeply rooted in the community, grounded, and always close to the pulse of the neighborhood. “We’ve always had feet on the street. We know the neighborhoods—the properties, the businesses, the communities—better than anyone in this marketplace,” Hubert adds, emphasizing the organic connections and genuine relationships that Troy Realty nurtures. 

Evolving Wisely 

Our journey is characterized by thoughtful evolution and intelligent growth. Hubert illustrates this by sharing, “We turn plenty of assignments down.” This is reflective of our unwavering commitment to excellence, expertise, and a genuine understanding of the communities we serve. Our discernment in choosing assignments signifies our dedication to providing unparalleled service and ensuring every client experiences success and satisfaction.

Branching Out 

Troy Realty’s narrative is a vibrant tapestry of growth, resilience, and continuous expansion. Hubert explains, “Our focus remains on the Chicago market, but in alignment with our clients’ evolving needs, we’ve also established a meaningful presence in Wisconsin and Florida.” This expansion is driven by a strategic vision and a commitment to supporting our clients in diverse areas, always staying true to our essence of expertise and authentic community engagement. 

More to Come 

The legacy of Troy Realty is dynamically unfolding, infused with new perspectives and energies. Hubert’s sons, Zach and Steve, have joined the journey, carrying forward the tradition while also bringing innovative approaches to modern-day real estate challenges. Their involvement symbolizes the merger of historical richness with modern vibrancy, ensuring that Troy Realty’s journey continues to flourish, resonate, and impact communities meaningfully.